Why Eat Seeds ?

Seeds are considered to be the beginning of life; most of the living things that grow come from seeds, thus, seeds are a source of life. These living things that grow are usually plants and crops that are mostly used by humans for consumption. Humans use these plants for daily food, and sometimes transform these raw plants to form health and dietary supplements.

You Will fall in love with RAin

Rain International is a company that is focusing on seed nutrition. Since it is the first company that focuses completely on seed nutrition, it is considered as an innovative company and a world leader in its field. Though most of the companies worldwide sell health supplements that are mainly produced from plants, Rain International is unique in its own way by selling seed products focusing on nutrition that can be achieved from seeds alone. Thus, it excelled in the field of seed nutrition. Now, Rain International is slowly changing the perception of people that plants are not the sole source of good nutrition, but the seeds itself; the seeds where these plants came from.

Rain International’s mission is to let people know how seeds can help in their everyday nutrition. But, how can seed really help in one’s holistic body nutrition and wellness?

Rain International packed these seeds for your convenience.

Given that these seeds are the smallest in size, it is very ideal that it is in a package convenient for daily consumption. Thus, Rain International thought of this need beforehand and packed these seeds in a plastic container designed to avoid much waste when it falls, and for easy consumption when one wants to have some. Rain International has 3 seed product lines: Rain Soul, Rain Core and Rain Form.

How Will Seeds Help you?

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    Seeds are full of benefits:

    They Contain:
    All 12 Vitamins
    All 17 Minerals
    All 9 Amino & Essential Fatty Acids

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    You Just Feel Better

    With all of the vitamins, minerals, amino and essentials acids seeds provide for the body, it just makes you feel better and more energized.

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    It's Fast!

    You don’t lose time when using our Seed based products. The soul experience is convenient, you take one each day and that’s all you have to do to get your essential nutrients for the day.

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    It's a new movement

    People all over the world are joining the #becomemore movement of Rain. Once you take it, you will talk about it with your family, your friends because you want to share this wonderful product. And people will love you for it!

Products that contain Rain Seeds:

Rain Soul

Rain Soul

Rain Soul is made for people who are health-conscious and looking for another environmental-friendly way to enhance the body’s health. It is the first health supplement built solely around seeds. In addition, Rain Soul is the most powerful source of minerals, healthy fatty acids and antioxidants which can fight back against exhaustion and toxins in the body.
Main Ingredients:
Black Cumin Seeds are very healthy for the body since it boosts the immune system, heals and protects the digestive system, cures and lessens allergies, and fights cancer and diabetes.
Black Raspberry Seeds contain lots of antioxidants which are best in removing free radicals from the body. It assists in body pH balancing and in the absorption of nutrients, minerals and fiber. It also helps boost the immune system and is used to treat and prevent cancer.
Grape Chardonnay is used to treat asthma, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, skin disorders, diabetes and cancer. It also aids in maintaining brain health.
D-Ribose is a kind of sugar which promotes adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP aids the body in metabolism, prevents muscle fatigue and cramps, provides energy for the cells, restores energy and heart’s function and promotes mental clarity to avoid mental block and forgetfulness.

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Rain Core

Rain Core

Rain Core is ideal for those who are health-conscious people who are looking for a supplement for vitality and energy enhancement. It contains high-quality greens and seeds to ensure overall body health. It is made from 10 healthy ingredients: milk thistle, kale, chlorophyllin, black cumin seeds, spirulina, chlorella, dandelion, aloe vera, cranberry seeds and wheatgrass.

Milk thistle specializes in liver maintenance, boosting the body’s antioxidants and as a stress reliever.
Kale is rich in beta carotene and sulphur compounds that fight against free radicals.
Chlorophyllin is best in toxic odor and bad bacteria destruction. It also restores the body’s damaged DNA.
Black Cumin Seeds boost the immune system and fight against cancer and diabetes.
Spirulina aids in weight loss, goes against allergies and is rich in protein.
Chlorella detoxifies the body for one to be able to think clearly and breathe better.

Dandelion promotes liver health.

Aloe Vera detoxifies the body and heals the stomach. Cranberry seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Lastly, wheatgrass detoxifies and boosts the immune system.

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Rain Form

Rain Form

Rain Form is designed to aid in fat burning. For one to be able to start living a healthy lifestyle, it suppresses one’s appetite to crush the cravings and avoid unwanted fat. Rain Form has high-quality seeds and protein, which makes it as a health supplement with a highly potent protein source. It made from 6 healthy ingredients: Sacha Inchi seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, cranberry seeds, pumpkin seeds and pea protein.

Sacha Inchi seeds are “super foods” that are rich in antioxidants, fiber, omega fatty acids and protein. It has high levels of tryptophan which suppresses appetite and aids in weight loss.

Hemp seeds aids in kidney health.

Chia seeds aid in weight loss, reducing triglycerides, maintaining a balanced lipid profile and ensures brain health.

Cranberry seeds have rich antioxidants which fight against free radicals.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in minerals and zinc. It aids in relaxing the body’s blood vessels, promoting regular bowel movement, and supports the body’s immunity and cell growth.

Peas contain phytonutrients that prevent stomach cancer. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants which fight against free radicals.

Pea protein promotes the body’s lean muscle increase especially when exercising and training. It also helps in binding and concentrating antioxidants for gut health.

With all of these benefits you can get from seeds, what more can you ask for? Be one with Rain International’s become more movement, and see what seeds can do for you!

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