Benefits of Black Raspberries

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Health Benefits of Black Raspberries

Black Raspberries are one of the healthiest fruits from North America. In the past, they were known for their delicious taste. These days black raspberries are not only consumed for their taste but also for their extraordinary health benefits. You can eat black raspberries raw or as a supplement. Rain Soul contains the seeds of black raspberries. These seeds are extremely beneficial to the consumer because they contain all 12 essential vitamins, all 17 minerals and all 9 amino and essential fatty acids. After reading this article, you will know all the health benefits of raspberries and why you can’t live without them.

Raspberries are well known for their nutritious character. They include many antioxidants, fiber, iron magnesium, potassium, zinc, phytonutrients,… more on all this later. First, let’s see some numbers:

  • Potassium 186 mg
  • Calcium 30.7 mg
  • Magnesium 27.1 mg
  • Vitamin C 32,5 mg
  • Sodium 1.2 mg
  • Carbohydrate 14.7 mg
  • Folate 25.8 mg
  • Dietary fiber 8.0 g
  • Fat content 0.8 g

Why are Black Raspberries King of the Berries?

These berries have one of the highest levels of Phenolic compounds (especially . gallic acid, ellagic acid, as well as rutin). Ok now i’m probably talking Chinese to you. Not many people know what Phenolic compounds are. So:

What are Phenolic Compounds (scientific) ?

– skip if you want to keep it simple –

Phenolic compounds, ubiquitous in plants are an essential part of the human diet, and are of considerable interest due to their antioxidant properties. These compounds posses an aromatic ring bearing one or more hydroxyl groups and their structures may range from that of a simple phenolic molecule to that of a complex high-molecular weight polymer. Flavonoids, which bear the C6–C3–C6 structure, account for more than half of the over eight thousand different phenolic compounds. The antioxidant activity of phenolic compounds depends on the structure, in particular the number and positions of the hydroxyl groups and the nature of substitutions on the aromatic rings. Fruits, vegetables and beverages are the major sources of phenolic compounds in the human diet. (source)

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Phenolic compounds are interesting for you because they act as antioxidants for your body.

Other key ingredients of black raspberry seed are high levels of anthocyanins (214-589 mg/100g) and high ORAC levels (77 µmoles /TE/g.) Both these components act as very powerful antioxidants for your body.

As you can see this berry is packed with antioxidants. But..

What is so interesting about antioxidants?

They protect the cells of your body from free radicals or unstable oxygen molecules; this occurs automatically due to exposure to certain chemicals, smoking, pollution, radiation, and as a byproduct of normal metabolism. These free radicals and unstable oxygen molecules cause damage to your cells. Repairing your body with antioxidants due removing these free radicals have the following benefits:

1. Reduces the risk you getting infected by diseases (immune system boost)
2. Anti-aging properties
3. Lower risk of certain cancers
4. Urinary tract health
5. Improved memory function

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Keep reading if you are looking to find more information on benefits of antioxidants. We encourage you to do your own research! Our main goal with this site is not to sell you on a product, but to awaken people so they live a more healthier life. Because if people are more healthy, they are more awake, more clear and happier. There would be less trouble in this chaotic world. We wish you all the best with your research!

antioxidant benefits

You have seen from properties above that the berry seed has a large concentration of ellagic acid and other important compounds. Ellagic acid is a very powerful antioxidant. It is such powerful that it can destroy those free radicals in the body. Free radicals are contained in the oxygen we breathe inside the respiratory organs. If these radicals were not destroyed, it would constitute health risks to the body, as it is known to damage cells. When it damages your cells, it will pave the way for other chronic and severe health conditions such as heart diseases, and cancer, and several others. Research on the benefits of the black raspberry seeds is ongoing. By the time the research is concluded, you are going to observe the other health benefits that you can derive from it.

Cancer prevention

Because of the large concentration of ellagic acid, you can see that black raspberry seeds can prevent cancer. This is because this compound possesses cancer prevention properties. Research conducted in this aspect has shown that taking the seed will prevent the development and growth of breast cancer cells. Above that, it helps your liver to remove all those cancerous substances that may exist in the blood stream. Furthermore, it is capable of preventing such cancers as colon cancer. In addition, it can prevent skin cancer. All these were confirmed by researches conducted by leading universities in the world. Another research has indicated that it could prevent esophageal cancer by at least eighty percent. Research conducted on mice has confirmed this, research is ongoing on the implication to the humans.

Antitumor benefits of black raspberry seeds.

Furthermore, research has indicated that the ellagic acid compound that is found in black raspberry seeds has antitumor properties. A tumor is that mass of extra cells that can be found in the body. It is not good because it could be cancerous. This is usually the case when the cell is not normal. When it begins to divide is will be uncontrollable, and this not a good news. However, black raspberry seeds can deal with the problem according to recent research about the berry seeds. The seed can work against tumors. It does it by ensuring that they do not allow new blood vessels from forming. This study is still ongoing, but at least it has been shown that it is antitumor. This is a big relief for many people.

Other health benefits of black raspberry seeds

You can derive other health benefits by taking black raspberry seeds. The seed is very rich in anthocyanins. This is an important substance; it gives the seed its purple color. It is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. This is good because it can protect your blood vessels. Moreover, research conducted has shown that it can ensure an improved vision. It can also improve the heart health, as well as decrease the possibility of high blood pressure. Furthermore, it can lead to an improved memory in adults, especially the aged. Furthermore, it reduces the occurrence of heart diseases. Apart from preventing liver problems, it prevents birth defects problem, and improve wound healing processes.

Where do you get black raspberry seeds?

If you are looking for the safest place to get the original black raspberry seeds, you should head our homepage.

When you get from them, you are sure of deriving all these benefits.

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